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Field Survival Training brings trustworthy training to law enforcement officers nationwide. Law enforcement is constantly evolving; therefore, our training is constantly evolving. Training is built from real experiences and real incidents within the law enforcement community. Field Survival Training continues to build, develop and deliver superior training by subject matter experts.

Our mission is for you to be safer in the field, utilize good tactics and be confident in your decision making.


Surviving Deadly Encounters And The Realities That Follow

Surviving Deadly Encounters And The Realities That Follow

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"All officers regardless of experience should attend this course"

Brian Hooper

"I enjoyed learning from the perspective of someone who has experienced critical incidents. Additionaly, I enjoyed learning about stress / panic management which is what I hoped to achieve. Thank you for my presentation."

Chris Roberds

"Great insight into critical incidents. Provided practical relevant and easy to remeber information in the event I have to respond to, or am involved in a critical incident"

Kyle Newman

"Great information. Enjoyed hearing about resources and what other officers go through during a critical incident".

Dennis Grube

"Great class! Well Put Together and very relatable".